Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Bit About My Life Right Now

Daily Flow: There is no Daily Flow!

Weekly Flow: 4 days a week either my mom or I take care of my grandfather the other staying home taking care of the farm. 3 days a week (1 of which I want/try to attend church) we enjoy being together and try to move ahead on projects at home.

What this means... Well, my 87 year old grandfather, who was working full time as recently as February, has been going downhill fast. He is now pretty fully retired, is talking about quitting band (he has played the cornet since the first grade), and his mind is slipping oh so very fast. His sleeping schedule is wackadoodle... Sunday night he did not sleep hardly at all and slept all day Monday, Monday night he slept all night... Like I said wackadoodle. Thus all of our schedules are wackadoodle, but we have two caregivers who work set hours so my mom and I are doing all we can to keep them from wearing down without wearing down ourselves.

Add in fibromyalgia, a cria due in less than 3 weeks, spring chores, daily chores, trying to start up a business, and keeping up with the never ending dishes/laundry cycle and our lives equal nuts!


While it is hard none of us would have it any other way. We all want to be taking care of him, this is a choice. One we made with my dad, they made with my grandmother, and the one I will make for my mom (hopefully a l.o.n.g l.o.n.g time from now). We love him.

So while there is definitely abnegation going on, it is a purposeful choice out of love. Does that make it easier? Absolutely not! Does it make it worth it? Absolutely yes!

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