Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre-Mother's Education Course

Those of you who are familiar with Charlotte Mason have likely heard of her Mother's Education Course (I hear that Ambleside Online, as one of their many irons in the fire, is creating plans for a modern MEC yipee!) and while I am not yet a mother I feel that at this point in my life if I do not continue the habit of life long learning all will be lost and I will just float along becoming duller as I go...

So I created a schedule for myself! I go the idea from Beautiful Chaos and I too adjusted AO's 12 week schedules to fit my needs. I am really excited, and I hope I can follow through!

Year 1 - Term 1 - Schedule

Just FYI, several of the sections have my weekly breakdown removed due to respect of copyrights. For the history selections I am following the Year 7 schedule exactly and I am utilizing Brandy Vencel, aka Afterthoughts, study guide Start Here and will be spending the whole term on Ms. Mason's First Principle.

For you observant people, yes my term only has 11 weeks in it. I decided to do this now, not waiting until the "proper time" instead I wanted to "just do it", and seeing as there are 33 weeks left before Christmas I decided to start off my journey by doing three 11 week terms. Next year I will do 4 12 week terms taking off for Christmas, all 12 days plus Theophany and Christmas Eve, and Pascha, Holy Week and Bright Week inclusive.

In addition I have started my very first bullet journal. Right now I only have the start of an index and the list of Week 1's readings. I found these little notebooks on sale at my local Office Max 4 for $3, not terrible during non-back-to-school season! So we will see how this all goes!

Did I mention I intend to narrate almost ALL of my readings? For those that are not an AO discussion book I intend to post my narration here, if there are any books in particular you have an interest in my thoughts let me know and I will try to oblige. And if I have any readers who are not a part of AO's forum (why not? the water's fine!) who have a special interest in a book that I plan on narrating there let me know and I will attempt to share here too!

Oh and those history readings, every third week I will be leading, my first (big gulp), discussion group on the AO site! Wish me luck!

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  1. What a great adventure. It will be some soothing and uplifting reading during those long quiet hours in the midst of all the bursts of intensity. A caregivers life! I wish I had such a good plan before I had my is a jumble these says fitting in my own study and theirs. Good luck!