Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Advent/Nativity Fast ~ Day 3 ~ The Expulsion from Paradise ~ The Prelude of God's Good Will

Today's reading in The Winter Pascha touches on a where I and my Protestant upbringing start to get uncomfortable! In the atmosphere of my childhood faith Mary was just another young women, she was not very different from myself, no mention of her being born of an old childless couple who then dedicates her to the Temple. Let alone entering the Holies of Holies and being fed by Angels! However, I am open to coming and seeing...

"Today let us, the assembly of the faithful, triumph in spirit
And praise with reverence the child of God, the Virgin and Theotokos,
As she is offered in the temple of the Lord,
She who was forechosen from all generations
To be the dwelling place of Christ,
The Master and God of all."
~ Father Thomas Hopko ~ The Winter Pascha ~

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