Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Advent/Nativity Fast Thoughts ~ Day 1 ~ The Creation of the World ~ The Winter Pascha

          Based on advice from a couple lovely new friends I am hoping to read through The Winter Pascha and follow the Jesse Tree readings on this my first full Nativity Fast! So I have decided to do a virtual Jesse Tree and I share what I have added to my commonplace! (Yes I am technically starting my posting late as I just thought of this idea!)

"Jesus lay as an infant in the cavern in the reign of Caesar Augustus that He might lay in the tomb under Pontius Pilate. He was hounded by Herod that He might be caught by Caiaphas. He was buried in baptism that He might descend into death through the Cross. He was worshiped by wise men that the whole of creation might adore Him in His triumph over death. The Pascha of His Cross was prepared by the Pascha of His Coming. The Pascha of His Resurrection was begun by the Pascha of His Incarnation. The Pascha of His Glorification was foretold by the Pascha of His Baptism." 
~ Father Thomas Hopko ~ The Winter Pascha ~

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