Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Healing Prayer for the New Year

Last year, after Forgiveness Sunday, God placed on my heart my, oh so very great, need to release the anger and hatred inside and so my constant regular semi-regular oft repeated prayer, at home and at Church, was to aid my efforts in forgiveness. And to my great joy He has! Do I still need to work on it, um yes I do, however when I close my eyes and think of my hurts and wounds I no longer have the Cell Block Tango from Chicago running in the back of my mind wishing I had the guts to reciprocate the evil deeds to antagonist in my story... So that is something! Even when the All Evil Facebook notified me that my prior Mr. Crawford/Wickham/Wiloughby (he had parts of each) was engaged (regardless to the fact that I blocked him, I apparently am Facebook friends with someone who is Facebook friends with his fiance and my friend happened to like the photo of the engagement ring announcement... I didn't, until that time, even know he was dating but it does fit his "timeline") all that bothered me was that I hoped for her sake that he was just immature and not evil... A Mr. Yates instead of Mr. Crawford. So sympathy, not triggered PTSD and deep pain! Great improvement!

This year my Prayer is Healing and Health! I have been sick for a really long time. Fibromyalgia and food allergies... At this point I am not even sure what I CAN eat... Salmon is semi alright... I get close to anaphylaxis being near bread due to the yeast. Shopping is always an adventure. I got a rash when my aunts hugged me when the visited for Christmas, I think it was due to their cinnamon candle... I try not to go anywhere unnecessary... I am going to a new NAET soon and I PRAY that God would answer this prayer as mightily as the last... Even if it the healing comes about some other way I still hope it is answered with health.

So for my first completed book of the year I finished Say Goodbye to Illness. With my background knowledge from my grandfather, in my opinion the science behind NAET is a quite reasonable hypothesis and I can't wait for it to be proven!